The Sunday sex supplement
You can almost feel how good it is. Him & Her x

You can almost feel how good it is.

Him & Her x

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One Ring to Rule Them All...


Following on from Fridays review of the Arenos Progasm I wanted to write about another new accessory I have been playing with.

This one is less of a toy more a bonus and fast track to a harder cock and more intense orgasms. So what is it? Its small, it’s cheap… A cock ring of course! I…

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Sunday morning…


This morning I woke with a slim strip of sunlight breaking through the curtains. The crisp white sheets wrapped round our bodies as slowly my eyes adjusted to the morning. We were in the spooning position we had fallen asleep in and as usual my cock was hard. She was still asleep breathing softly. Sliding my hand under the sheets I felt her lacy black thong. I traced the thin string down under her ass and round to her smooth shaven pussy.

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